Why should nannies work with us

Why should nannies work with Notable Nannies Agency? Nannies should work with the Notable Nannies Agency to find their next family for several reasons. Our Agency can provide numerous benefits that can help nannies find a suitable and rewarding position. Here are some reasons why nannies should work with us to find their next family: […]

Two hard-working moms, one clever kiddo and lots of fun. Nanny/Educator/Family Assistant for tight family of three to start this fall. Chapel Hill JOB 137 CLOSED

Super Enlightened and Outgoing Chapel Hill Family is on the lookout for a Long-term Career-minded Full-time Nanny for their 5yo boy. They are looking for someone who has a thirst for Travel, has Exceptional Positive Energy, and the Education to boot. All three lead an incredibly vibrant lifestyle filled full of music, travel, high-paced routine, […]

On the lookout for one talented, hands-on Nanny in Chapel Hill JOB 134 CLOSED

Young professional couple has a two-month-old baby girl + a lovable Labrador. This family is in hopes to quickly find their Full-time Nanny/Family Assistant.  The greatest of priorities of this family are towards the love and development of their precious little girl.  They are optimistic that they will find a Career Nanny with plenty of […]

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