Our Process

The Notable Nannies Family Experience

Creating the Bond

  • The Notable Nannies Agency begins the relationship by meeting the Family on the phone, at our office, or the Family’s home. We employ a very elaborate questionnaire that peers into all corners of the possibilities each family/candidate relationship can contain. If the family approves Notable Nannies Agency in beginning the search for their addition, a $500 nonrefundable retainer fee will be allocated.
  • The agency will create an individualized profile detailing the Family’s most significant prerequisites.
  • Feedback will be provided catering to the Family’s distinctive needs as they are coached on specific skill sets and personality traits that have proven essential in past experiences.
  • Candidates will experience multiple interviews in which they will only be considered by Notable Nannies Agency when they have proven that they are of the 1st Tier capability.

Presenting Exceptional Possibilities

  • We acknowledge that a Family’s confidence in their children’s well-being is priceless. Each potential candidate will undergo a specialized personality test to further enhance the possibility of a perfect addition to the families.
  • Once the assessments are complete, the Agency will team with the Family in coordinating an interview with the chosen Candidates.
  • We will then obtain the Family’s rating based on a provided assessment document that highlights their outlook of the Candidate.

Discovering your Perfect Addition

  • The Agency will unite with the Family to provide insight into who seems to be their best match.
  • Once approving the Candidate for the Family, we will collaborate in the negotiation of wage and possible benefits for the Candidate.
  • We will draft a complete contract that includes all aspects of the employment to ensure that both parties are consenting.

Assessing the Growth of the Relationship

  • We provide Ongoing Post Placement Support. We will contact the Family to ensure that they, and their new family addition, are both content in the relationship.
  • To ensure top quality and a priority to paramount customer service, we offer a guarantee replacement for certain period of time after placement (depending on the package). If for any reason the family believes the candidate to be unsuitable for their needs we seek for replacement.
  • We certify that every relationship made is invaluable and completely stand by our commitment to open support. Notable Nannies Agency is always at your service and available at any time to provide guidance and insight into all of your children’s needs.
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