Charming Chapel Hill Family is looking for a lovable, dependable, confident Full-time Nanny for their 6mo Girl JOB 166 CLOSED

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Charming Chapel Hill Family is looking for a lovable, dependable, confident Full-time Nanny for their 6mo Girl JOB 166

This new Family of Three hopes to fill their 6mo baby girl’s need for a Full-time Nanny ASAP.

With the guarantee of 40 hours a week, the Family would like the position to have the schedule of 9am – 5pm and really want to find someone who is as kind, honest, and loving as they are.

The Family lives in a great neighborhood in NW Chapel Hill with awesome routes to walk amongst lots of trees (1.5-mile round trip to a little lake). They have a playroom and a nursery for their little girl to be able to roll around in!  Both parents work from home, but in separate offices upstairs and out of the way.  Mom will take breaks to breastfeed their little girl during the day (usually 4 times during the nanny’s workday).

Their little girl LOVES looking at peoples’ faces, having “conversations” with people, going on walks or outdoors, being read books, and looking at the pictures, songs, and dancing!  She’s a big fan of anything silly!  She also loves cuddles.  Generally, she’s very happy and loves to laugh.  She’s very social and engaged, so she takes short naps (2-3 naps a day, usually about 40 minutes).  She started solid foods in mid-Feb, and she adores butternut squash and sweet potatoes (just like her mommy!). She also loves her teethers and her toys.  And she’s enjoying her newfound “freedom” because she can now roll in all the ways easily. 

The Nanny’s first and top priority should always be engaging with the 6mo baby girl, taking her on walks, putting her down for naps, feeding her solid food, reading to her, singing to her, dancing with her, talking with her, engaging her motor development, etc.!  The Family has a house cleaning service, so they definitely are not looking for someone to clean up or manage the house!  Since the little girl naps, 2-3 times a day and Mom breastfeeds her 3-4 times during the day, they are hoping the Nanny can use that time to wash bottle and breast pump parts, do the baby’s laundry, and pick up around the nursery.

Ideal but not required: They are also going to move past jarred baby food at some point and start throwing their own dinner in the blender for her, so if the Nanny wouldn’t mind chopping some vegetables for the Family dinner every once in a while, (i.e., once, or twice a week) that’s also very helpful.  They wouldn’t mind someone unloading the dishwasher in the morning also, but that’s not a must.

The Family really wants to have the Nanny feel like part of the family and would love for someone to want to feel the same.

The Family is VERY Covid Conscious and expects their Nanny to be as well.


Chapel Hill, 27516

Start date

ASAP March 2022

Position Responsibilities

Childcare: 6mo Girl

Housekeeping: For Child as needed

Cooking: For Child as needed

Laundry: For Child as needed

Travel: No

Position Requirements

Schedule: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm – 40hrs Guaranteed

Languages: English

Experience: 3+ Years of Experience for infants/toddlers in an Educative Environment /or as a Nanny

References: Minimum of 2 References, ideally written

Background: Pass a stringent background check

Personality Traits: Kind, creative, engaging, organizing, energetic, punctual, and communicative (example – would tell Family when running late).  

Position Compensation

Salary: $18 to $22 an hour depending on experience

Paid time off:

10 vacation

8 Holidays

3 sick

2 personal

Living Accommodations: Live-out

Agreement length: Ideally 1+ years

Vaccines: Yes, COVID-19 Vaccinated, yearly flu shot

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