Why should nannies work with us

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Why should nannies work with Notable Nannies Agency?

Nannies should work with the Notable Nannies Agency to find their next family for several reasons. Our Agency can provide numerous benefits that can help nannies find a suitable and rewarding position. Here are some reasons why nannies should work with us to find their next family:

Access to a larger pool of job opportunities: At Notable Nannies, we have relationships with multiple families seeking childcare. By working with our agency, nannies can access a larger pool of better-quality job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly. This provides more options for nannies to find a family that suits their needs, skills, preferences, and personality.

Pre-screening of potential families: Simply put, we vet families before hiring a nanny. This ensures that nannies work for families that are safe, trustworthy, and reliable. Nannies can avoid potential fraudsters or unsuitable families that aren’t aware of what professional nannies are seeking in an offer.

Professional support and advice: We provide professional support and advice to nannies which can include training in specific skills, such as first aid or child development, and guidance on best practices. Nannies can get advice on how to handle challenging situations or how to build a positive relationship with their new family. This can improve their confidence and professionalism, leading to a more successful working relationship.

Legal and financial guidance: Our agency can provide guidance on who to speak with for both legal and financial matters. This includes understanding tax requirements, employment laws, and setting up a contract between the nanny and the family. Nannies can avoid misunderstandings or disputes related to payment, vacation time, or job responsibilities.

Continued professional development: It is especially important to us that we offer continued professional development to nannies. This can include access to online resources, training sessions, and networking events. Nannies can stay up to date with industry trends, improve their skills, and expand their professional network. This can enhance their career prospects and lead to more job opportunities in the future.

Advocacy and representation: We see ourselves as nanny advocates and representatives for nannies and can help with negotiating terms of employment, resolving disputes, and addressing any concerns or grievances on behalf of the nanny. Nannies can have peace of mind knowing that they have someone in their corner who can support them during challenging situations.

At the Notable Nannies Agency it would be our pleasure to assist in finding your next family by utilizing our access to a pool of job opportunities, pre-screening of families, professional support and advice, legal and financial guidance, continued professional development, advocacy, and representation. We are always excited to find suitable and rewarding positions for our candidates and guide them in building a long-lasting relationship with their new family in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, and all across the USA.  

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