West Cary Family with 2yo girl seeking PT Nanny companion in June JOB 175 CLOSED

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Loving Family of Three in Cary is excited to find their next Part-time Nanny for their 2yo baby girl beginning in late June.

Their daughter loves to spend time outdoors, whether it be the park, playground, or swimming pool, and really enjoys any games involving water. She also loves to paint, draw with her crayons, and build things with play-doh and blocks. The family will have many of these indoor and outdoor activities prepared for the Nanny ahead of time. 

While the family always maintains a clean, well-organized environment, they don’t believe in following strict schedules, preferring instead to let their daughter explore and participate in whatever activities she’s in the mood for, which is sometimes just cuddling on the couch and watching a particular show or movie she likes, especially on very hot or cold days.

The Family has a scheduled need of Monday – Friday 8am – 12pm and can guarantee 20 hours per week, but could offer up to 25 if the nanny needs more hours and would like to babysit some evenings. They would also be open to a Nanny that wanted to bring their own child of similar age.

Their ideal Nanny would be dependable, communicative, and would develop a loving bond with their daughter and the Family will treat the nanny with the same warmth, respect, and trust as they would another member of the family… They are less concerned with professional credentials than they are with finding someone with a nurturing, playful, and patient personality. They’d love to have a native Spanish or Portuguese speaker, but it is by no means a requirement.

The Family is moving into their new home in June and their neighborhood has a clubhouse with a playground and swimming pool within walking distance, so ideally the nanny would be willing to spend a few days per week taking her to the playground or getting in the pool with her when the weather is nice. Their daughter has a bedroom upstairs, but there is also a playroom on the first floor that will have toys, an art station, and books. Any cooking or laundry would only pertain to the baby’s clothes and meals, not the whole family!


Cary, 27519

Start date

June 20, 2022

Position Responsibilities

Childcare: 2yo Girl

Housekeeping: Light regarding the Child

Cooking: For Child

Laundry: For Child

Travel: No

Position Requirements

Schedule: Monday – Friday 8am – 12pm 20hrs Guaranteed 

Languages: English 

Experience: 2+ Years of Experience as Infant Nanny

References: Minimum of 2 References, ideally written

Background: Pass a stringent background check

Personality Traits: Kind, creative, engaging, organizing, energetic, punctual, and communicative (example – would tell Family when running late).  

Position Compensation

Salary: $18 to $23 an hour depending on experience

Living Accommodations: Live-out

Agreement length: Ideally 1+ years

Vaccines: While a Covid vaccination is not required, the Family would like to be rest assured the Nanny holds their own personal health and well-being as a priority to protect their little girl.

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