Two-year-old happy little girl is looking for a playful, caring, and reliable Nanny in Cary JOB 151 CLOSED

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Two-year-old happy little girl is looking for a playful, caring, and reliable Nanny in Cary JOB 151

Wholesome Family of three in Cary are hoping to find an outstanding Full-Time Covid Vaccinated Nanny with great toddler experience for their 2yo little girl to start in February of this year. 

Their little girl loves reciting animal sounds, is very fond of eating bananas and avocados, enjoys books (reading the same one over and over again!), loves beach sand and moving sand (or dirt, or water) from container to container, loves playing with her grandparents, likes to be outdoors, likes to listen to “If you’re happy and you know it” on repeat, pretending her stuffed animal friends are eating, drinking, and blowing kisses.  She also enjoys blowing kisses and waving excitedly at all of her neighbors.  Their little girl is showing strong interest in books and letters, so a Nanny who can nurture and challenge this growing interest is a strongly priority.  Also, there is a small neighborhood playground located a walkable distance (~1/4 of a mile) from the Family’s home and there are easy-to-walk sidewalks in the neighborhood.

This position is Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm and the Family would love a Nanny with the versatility to offer a once-a-month type of evening availability, although not required.  While the primary responsibility would be to care for their little girl’s “daily” needs — clean up from play & meals with her, unload the dishwasher each morning, take out diaper-related trash, etc.  They would love to have someone that loves to cook and travel as the Family takes a few trips a year where weekends would be involved, and they would love some assistance with meal preparation in an ideal scenario.  This is their first/only child, and all the developmental milestones (speech, potty training, etc.) will be new to them and they are open to suggestion, feedback, etc.

The parents work from home, upstairs, in small offices with closed doors.  The Nanny and child will have access to all downstairs rooms, including large play area, kitchen, guest bathroom, and entrance to front and back yard, as well as several rooms upstairs as needed (crib, diapers etc.).  The Family is also open to a Nanny who may need to bring her own child to work.  Ideally, a toddler to keep both children under the same schedule.

When describing their perfect Nanny, the Family also would love to have someone who their little girl enjoys “playing” with, and who enjoys playing for the sake of playing.  They hope for a Nanny who is extremely patient and calm, able to reinforce good behavior to a toddler, and enjoys playing indoors and outdoors (bias outdoors during nice weather).

Enjoys creating learning opportunities — reading with their little girl and helping her learn how things work.

Ideally, this is someone who can give the Family perspective, knowledge, and suggestions based on their experience.  A good understanding of childhood behavior & emotional regulation (can help her learn to identify feelings) is a must.  It would also be a blessing if the Nanny can help and has experience with overall development (example – helping with potty training).

Prioritizes safety.  Can provide their little girl with healthy meals and snacks.

Professional, reliable, punctual, and communicative (example – would tell the Family when running late). Would send them photos or tell them what their little girl does each day.  Good judgement on when to escalate a potential issue to them.

Someone who can be with the family for the long-term, including for likely future children.

Preferably college-educated & experience with other families at same age.

Non-smoker. COVID vaccinated & willing to follow the Family’s COVID precautions.


Cary, 27519

Start date

February 2022

Position Responsibilities

Childcare: One 2yo little girl

Housekeeping: Light and all regarding the children

Cooking: For the children

Laundry: For the children

Errands: From time to time

Driving: Yes, school, playdates, and activities (the Nanny must have a valid driver’s license and a clean


Travel: A few times per year, locally involving weekends

Pets: No

Position Requirements

Schedule: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – 45 hours weekly

Languages: English

Experience: 5+ Years of Experience for toddlers

References: Minimum of 2 References, ideally written

Background: Pass a stringent background check

Personality Traits: Professional, reliable, punctual, and communicative (example – would tell Family when running late).  Would send Family photos or tell them what their little girl does each day.  Good judgment on when to escalate a potential issue to them.

Position Compensation

Salary: $1100 to $1300 weekly depending on experience

Paid time off: 2 weeks’ vacation (one week vacation at families choosing, one week at Nanny’s choosing)

10 holidays, five sick/personal/weather

Health Insurance: Open to it depending on weekly pay

Living Accommodations: Live-out

Agreement length: Ideally 2 to 6 years

Vaccines: Covid-19 and Flu shot

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