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Notable Nannies is a labor of love founded by Stephany Salazar in 2013. After spending a decade as a career-minded Nanny and Household Manager in several locations, including Costa Rica, Italy, Hawaii, and the Carolinas, Stephany decided it was time to spread her wings and help Families and Nannies build the best relationships possible. The Notable Nannies Agency was set up to create a service that would provide top-notch Family and Nanny relationships across Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, and Charlotte in North Carolina. We’re proud to say that, over the years, we’ve built strong and lasting relationships with our clients and have expanded our services to Connecticut and NYC, in addition to North Carolina. At Notable Nannies, we work hard to ensure that everyone finds the perfect match and we’re committed to creating a safe and happy environment for all.

“I am deeply passionate about making a difference in the lives of both families and nannies by working diligently to fulfill all expectations for both parties. With an impeccable work ethic and priority for one-on-one consultation, I believe I strive to produce the perfect match. 

I understand how challenging and time-consuming it can be to find qualified and reliable childcare. Many parents are anxious, overwhelmed, and do not even know where to start. Notable Nannies Agency shines as a wholesome service provider, providing a solution to this problem.

The process I have built with Notable Nannies Agency is attentive and meticulous. My priority is to instill confidence and contentment in both the Family and the Nanny. I embrace the mentality to strive for perfection, and I truly believe that The Notable Nannies Agency and I will be your answer for both peace of mind and a wonderful ongoing relationship.”

Stephany Salazar, founder of Notable Nannies Agency

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Children's Book Author

Inspiration and Origins

“Lovely Amelia Travels” is a children’s book series written by Stephany Salazar. Inspired by the children Stephany cared for in her 14-year nanny career, she creates the character of a school-age girl named Amelia. Amelia travels around the world to exciting and beautiful destinations that Stephany, herself, was able to observe during her career. While the series is a dedication to these children, the storybooks are also stimulated by the travels of the children themselves.

Meet Amelia: Explorer Extraordinaire

About the character, Amelia is a sweet, loving, curious and adventurous little girl. She loves to teach and tell other children about the cities and countries she visits. She likes trying new foods and loves learning new languages. She makes new friends with each unique adventure and absolutely loves the indigenous animals she meets along the way.

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