Teamworking with Work-at-Home Parents

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Teamworking with Work-at-Home Parents

Working as a nanny in a household where parents are also present can be challenging, especially when the parents work from home. In such cases, it’s crucial to establish clear boundaries and expectations to ensure a positive working relationship for everyone involved.

For parents who work from home, it’s important to understand that the nanny has been hired to care for their children and, therefore, should be given the necessary authority to do so. When the parents are present, the nanny should be the one in charge of the children’s care and well-being.

By acknowledging the nanny’s authority, parents can help create a harmonious and effective working relationship. This allows the nanny to establish routines and rules that work best for the children, without any interference or micromanagement from the parents.

To make this arrangement work, communication is key. The parents should have a clear understanding of the nanny’s responsibilities and duties, as well as any expectations they have for their children’s care. They should communicate this information to the nanny before starting the job and be available for regular check-ins and updates.

At the same time, parents should respect the nanny’s professionalism and expertise in childcare matters. They should avoid interfering with the nanny’s work or undermining their authority in front of the children. Instead, they should work collaboratively with the nanny to establish a positive and effective working relationship.

By recognizing the nanny’s authority and working collaboratively, parents who work from home can create a positive and effective working relationship with their nanny. This will benefit the children, the parents, and the nanny, and make for a more harmonious and fulfilling work environment.

We encourage parents and nannies to openly chat about this subject during their initial interviews and beyond to ensure a comfortable and successful work environment for all.  

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