Northeast Raleigh Family of Four needs FT Nanny for their two little girls JOB 177 CLOSED

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Northeast Raleigh Family of Four needs FT Nanny for their two little girls JOB 177

Young and Active Family of Four in Raleigh are eager to locate a fantastic Full-time Nanny for their two little girls ages 3 and 1 around the first week of July.

The Family has a scheduled need of Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm and can guarantee 40 hours a week.  The Family describes themselves as very family-focused and spend as much time together as they can.  They love spending time outdoors and all four are music lovers.  They are looking for a Nanny that shares their love for nature, faith, and adventure in order to provide an aspect of continuity and consistency in the girls’ lives.

They describe Big Sis as someone who loves imagination, play games, and wants someone to accompany her in these adventures.  She loves to play dress-up, re-enact scenes from her favorite Disney movies, sing songs and dance along, baking in her kitchen, hosting tea parties, and going on imaginary road trips/flights to foreign lands.  She loves to create, color and paint, and learn new things.  She has a very sweet personality and loves being a big sister, helping with things around the house and with her sister, too!  She loves to do puzzles, read books, and play outside–running is her favorite!  She’s super fast and loves tag.

They describe Little Sis as someone who loves to do anything and everything her sister does, but it’s important for the Family (and their Nanny!) to remember she’s still just a year old!  She is the happiest baby and has the sweetest cheesy-smile and loves to laugh– peekaboo and patty cake right now make her belly-laugh.  She loves books, music, and dancing.  While both girls love animals, Little Sis has a particular fondness for anything furry– dogs, cats, horses, etc.  With both girls the Family introduced foods via baby led weaning and have had great experiences, but she is still very much learning and requires particular attention during mealtimes.  She loves to blow bubbles and swing on the playset in the backyard.  They also have several other “things to do” for the backyard that both girls enjoy– water table, splash pad, inflatable pool, water balloons, chalk, etc.

Their ideal Nanny would be dependable, communicative and would develop a bond with their two daughters. They should be willing to provide mental stimulation, outdoor adventure, and positive guidance.  A Nanny who is both experienced and comfortable in the assistance in establishing and keeping a priority towards early childhood development is a must.  Their primary for the Nanny is on the health, safety, happiness, and learning/exploration experience for the girls.  They also encourage outdoor play as much as possible as there are multiple playground around the area and the girls have many fun toys to play with for outdoor activities.

The Family is very organized so they are looking for someone who would be tidy themselves as well as make sure kid’s areas are kept neat after playtime.  Both parents work from home a few days during the week.


Raleigh, 27616

Start date

July 5, 2022

Position Responsibilities

Childcare: 3yo Girl, 1yo Girl

Housekeeping:  Light regarding the Children

Cooking:  For Children

Laundry:  For Children

Travel:  No

Pets:  2 Dogs (Bernese Mountain and Black Lab) Not a responsibility of the Nanny

Position Requirements

Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:30a – 5:30p; 40-45 hours a week depending on salary

Languages: English

Experience: 2+ Years of Experience as a Nanny/ or Teacher

References: Minimum of 2 References, ideally written

Background: Pass a stringent background check

Personality Traits: Kind, creative, engaging, organizing, energetic, punctual, and communicative (example – would tell Family when running late).  

Position Compensation

Salary: $18 to $20 an hour depending on experience

Paid time off:

10 Vacation

6 Holidays

Living Accommodations: Live-out

Agreement length: Ideally 1+ years

Vaccines: Covid vaccination NOT required

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