Fun, Loving, and Responsive Family of Three seeks a FT Nanny in the town of Apex for their 10mo little girl JOB 182 CLOSED

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Fun, Loving, and Responsive Family of Three seeks a FT Nanny in the town of Apex for their 10mo little girl JOB 182

Joyful Family of Four in Apex are excited to find a terrific Full-time Nanny for their 10mo little girl around the last week of July.  The Family has a scheduled need of Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and can guarantee 35 hours a week. 

The Family describes themselves as very fun, loving, responsive Parents who follow a respectful parenting approach where their Child feels safe, validated, and challenged in developmentally appropriate ways.  They are casual, outgoing, laid back, empathetic, and open communicators who love feedback early and often.  They also practice BLW and would love a Nanny who is comfortable with solids or willing to learn.  Both Parents are able to work from home, so one of them would always be around, if needed, in a dedicated office space.

They are new to North Carolina and are excited to explore a new part of the country!  They travel often and have lived in several different states, so they are adventurous and appreciate diverse people and perspectives.  They are looking for a Nanny who is equally as open and appreciative of different backgrounds and life experiences.  They would love their Nanny to expose their little girl to new things and explore with her.  They are looking for a Nanny who loves to engage with children and keep them active.  Bonus points if you love imaginative play and don’t mind getting messy!  Outdoor time when the weather allows is also important.  They hope to find a Nanny who is long-term and can continue to grow with them as their family grows.  Non-smoking, a clean driving record, and CPR certified are a must.

Preparing light meals for their little girl will be included in the duties.  She is not currently enrolled in any classes or activities outside the home, but she could be in the future and might need to be driven. They would also love their Nanny to take her to local parks and other fun things.  Their Nanny can use their car for those activities.  Swimming in a deep pool is not needed, but water play outside at a table or splash pad in the backyard is preferred.

Their ideal Nanny is a warm, loving, and nurturing Nanny who understands the physical and emotional milestones of infants and toddlers.  They want someone who is fun, engaging, and loves planning different activities for their little girl.  They would love someone who isn’t scared to get messy or do sensory play and want someone who aligns to their parenting and discipline style while always having little girl’s safety in mind.  They want their daughter to see the Nanny as an extension of their family and for her to form a secure attachment with them.  They also need a Nanny who supports their daughter for naps by rocking her to sleep before putting her in her crib (they don’t do sleep training).


Apex, 27502

Start date

July 25, 2022

Position Responsibilities

Childcare:  10mo Girl

Housekeeping:  Light regarding the Child

Cooking:  For Child

Laundry:  For Child

Travel:  No

Pets:  2 dogs, a Chihuahua mix, and a Mini-Australian Shepherd. No care is needed for the dogs and they will be kept away from the baby.

Position Requirements

Schedule: Monday – Friday 9a – 5p; 40 guaranteed hours a week

Languages: English

Experience: 2+ Years of Experience as a Nanny/ or Teacher

References: Minimum of 2 References, ideally written

Background: Pass a stringent background check

Personality Traits: Kind, creative, engaging, organizing, energetic, punctual, and communicative (example – would tell Family when running late).  

Position Compensation

Salary: $18 to $25 an hour depending on experience

Paid time off:

10 Vacation

8 Holidays

3 – 5 Sick/Personal/Inclement Weather

Living Accommodations: Live-out

Agreement length: Ideally 1+ years

Vaccines: The Family is also vaccinated from all the major vaccinations needed for little ones… COVID, flu, Tdap, and would like the Nanny to be as well.

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