Chapel Hill Family recently welcomed their second child in October and needs a Nanny to start the first week of the New Year 2022. JOB 201 CLOSED

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Family of Four in Chapel Hill have begun their search for an infant experienced Full-time Nanny/Family Assistant for their 4yo Girl (currently in Daycare M-F 9a to 5p) and Newborn little boy starting January 2nd, 2023.  The Family would require a schedule of Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm (40 hours guaranteed) with occasional weekend days may being required due to their schedules in the hospital.  If so, they would find another day in the week to have as a day off, but most weekend day would be off. 

Their oldest attends daycare M-F and the parents will take her to drop her off and pick her up each day.  Her favorite out of house activities are dance (ballet, tap), pool in the summer, Museum of Life and Science year-round, and may start swim lessons this Fall.  At home activity favorites are arts and crafts projects, dress up/imaginative play, outdoor play (they have a yard and a play set).  Right now, she is very interested in anything about space, the beach, nature (science, insects, gardening) Halloween, learning her letters/reading.

The Family describes their perfect Nanny as someone who loves children and playing with children! They would like their Nanny to be comfortable working with them as a team to accomplish all family goals each day with regards to childcare, home tasks, errands.  Also, they want a Nanny who is comfortable with (and maybe even appreciates) the occasional scheduling variability that the Family necessitates in their very demanding field.  They would like a Nanny to be open in communicating with them if things aren’t working from their end so that all can adjust and have an ideal working relationship.  Someone nice, friendly, and willing to share joy with their family.

The Nanny role will be primarily for the new baby and the Family also requests some help around the house from time to time (some basic laundry, tidying up, perhaps running an errand or two during the day).  Most days of the month, Mom will actually be off and will be home helping with infant care and house tasks as well!  They envision a relationship where all work together to help meet the baby’s needs and accomplish a specific list of tasks for the day (laundry, pick up groceries, etc.).  That may sometimes mean Mom needs to go run some errands and asks Nanny to watch the baby while she does.  At other times, Mom may wish to breastfeed the baby/put him down for nap and request help from the Nanny with laundry, tidying up, etc.  To help with clarity, Family would make a schedule/to do list each morning and review it with the Nanny to identify who would take on each task for infant care/house care.  This is how most days each month would be and Family would look forward to a team approach to get it all done!

Mom does work, however, as a part time overnight physician in the hospital (shift 9pm-7am).  The days after working a night shift, Mom will need to sleep for much of the day to recover and often to rest up for another night shift.  On those days, they would only expect the Nanny to focus on attending to the baby’s needs (bottle feeding, nap time, reading, tummy time, playing!).  House tasks would be limited as infant care would be the priority.


Chapel Hill, 27516

Start date

January 2, 2023

Position Responsibilities

Childcare:  4yo Girl and Baby Boy born October 2022

Housekeeping:  Light regarding the Children

Cooking:  For Children

Laundry:  For Children

Errands:  For Family

Travel:  No

Pets:  Dog, but no responsibility required

Position Requirements


Monday – Friday:  8am – 4pm (1-4 times a month there could be overlap of the Parents schedules such that they would need a start time of 7AM on any given weekday or weekend day)

40 Hours Guaranteed

Languages: English

Experience: 2+ Years of Experience as a Nanny/ or Teacher

References: Minimum of 2 work References, ideally also in written

Background: Pass a stringent background check

Personality Traits: Kind, creative, engaging, organized, energetic, punctual, and communicative (example – would tell Family when running late).  

Position Compensation

Salary: $25 to $30 an hour depending on experience

Paid time off:

14 Vacation (Days during which family is on vacation, which includes 2 separate weeks in the summer and the week between Christmas & New Year’s.)

7 Federal Holidays

5 Sick/Inclement Weather

Living Accommodations: Live-out

Agreement length: Ideally 1+ years

Vaccines: Covid – up to date with boosters, T-Dap

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