Cary Family of soon to be Four has a need for a Full-time Nanny starting in December or January JOB 195 CLOSED

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West Cary Family has a need for a Full-time Nanny for their 2 children with a start date between middle of December to middle of January guaranteeing 45 hours per week for their 3yo little girl. The Family is also expecting a new little boy to be born around the middle of February ’23. Ideally the Nanny will be able to work a schedule between 9a – 6p Monday – Friday with availability to work a weekend or two around every three months or so. Mom plans to take 4 to 5 months of maternity leave and the parents are looking into starting their little girl in a morning preschool program starting in the school year of 2023.

Their little girl loves books and reading and playing games around letters.

Loves music – listening to songs on Alexa, singing etc.

Loves playing with water (handwashing in the sink, playing with a water table, watering plants). Is enrolled in Aqua Tots swim class 3 days/week.

Loves to be outside – walking, hiking, riding her Strider bike. The Family has the American Tobacco Trail at the edge of their property, and she loves going out there.

She is a good eater, good sleeper, fond of animals and has many stuffed animals and loves learning about animals – sounds, facts, etc.

Overall, she has a great disposition, very happy, eats & sleeps well. Loves playgrounds.

The Family’s ideal Nanny would be someone who their little girl enjoys “playing” with, and who enjoys playing for the sake of playing. Extremely patient and calm, able to reinforce good behavior to a toddler. Enjoys playing indoors and outdoors (bias outdoors during nice weather).

Enjoys creating learning opportunities — reading with the children and helping them learn how things work. An orientation toward enrichment/learning over simply “keeping them safe” is important to them.

Ideally, this is someone who can give the Family perspective, knowledge, and suggestions based on their experience. Good understanding of childhood behavior & emotional regulation — can help the little girl learn to identify feelings. Can help with overall development (e.g., taking the lead on potty training).

Prioritizes safety. Can provide their little girl with healthy meals and snacks and keep the new baby in a consistent napping and eating routine.

Professional, reliable, punctual, and communicative — e.g., would tell them when running late. Would send the Family photos or tell them what their little girl does each day. Good judgement on when to escalate a potential issue to them.

Someone who can be with the Family for the long-term, including for future children.

Preferably college-educated & experience with other families at same age.

The Family is very serious about health and safety and would like to have a Nanny with COVID booster and current flu shot, and since they’ll have a newborn too, also TDAP.


Cary, 27519

Start date

Mid December 2022, early January 2023

Position Responsibilities

Childcare: 3yo Girl, and newborn Boy expected mid-February

Housekeeping: Help maintain house, but mostly with regard to Children’s areas

Cooking: For Children

Laundry: For Children

Travel: Bonus is willing to Travel internationally with Family for a few weeks at a time

Pets: None

Position Requirements


Monday – Friday: 9a – 6p Monday – Friday with availability to work a weekend or two around every three months or so.

Languages spoken: English

Experience: 1+ Years of Experience as a Nanny/ or Pre-school Teacher

References: Minimum of 2 References, ideally written

Background: Pass a stringent background check

Personality Traits: Patient, Calm, Kind, Warm, Friendly, Responsible, Playful and Professional while being Communicative with the Family (example – would tell Family when running late).

Position Compensation

Salary: $25 to $30 an hour depending on experience

Paid time off:

Vacation: 10 days

Holidays: 10 days

Sick/Personal: 5 days

Living Accommodations: Live-out

Agreement length: Ideally 6+ months

Vaccines: Covid – up to date with boosters, Flu Shot and TDap

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